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GG!!: Demon Revolution Army (remake) [Ch.35-TFK13] :icontdpneji:TDPNeji 0 0
Zatch Bell OC's - Themis and her personalities by TDPNeji Zatch Bell OC's - Themis and her personalities :icontdpneji:TDPNeji 5 5 Zatch Bell! OC - The Lich King by TDPNeji Zatch Bell! OC - The Lich King :icontdpneji:TDPNeji 5 0
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GG!!: Demon Revolution Army (remake) [Ch.34-TFK12] :icontdpneji:TDPNeji 0 0
Zatch Bell! OC - General Venierro by TDPNeji Zatch Bell! OC - General Venierro :icontdpneji:TDPNeji 4 0 Zatch Bell! OC - Dark Guthorax by TDPNeji Zatch Bell! OC - Dark Guthorax :icontdpneji:TDPNeji 2 3
My sketches are in the Deviants but they are located in the Scrapbooks.


Sasuke y Sakura Navidad 2017 by blueazulacero Sasuke y Sakura Navidad 2017 :iconblueazulacero:blueazulacero 12 0 Painting is fun by maskman626 Painting is fun :iconmaskman626:maskman626 5,850 630 Himawari's art by Fu-reiji Himawari's art :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 38 5 Ino still in love by Fu-reiji Ino still in love :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 53 3 Make it move! by Fu-reiji Make it move! :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 39 5 It came to life by Fu-reiji It came to life :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 43 11 Kazui x Ichika by Fu-reiji Kazui x Ichika :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 59 15 Naruto y Hinata  Navidad 2017 by blueazulacero Naruto y Hinata Navidad 2017 :iconblueazulacero:blueazulacero 40 2 Kiss Cuddle Base by Stray-And-Kiri-Bases Kiss Cuddle Base :iconstray-and-kiri-bases:Stray-And-Kiri-Bases 32 1 729 by Bases-Xs 729 :iconbases-xs:Bases-Xs 25 0 JoyKaiba Edit 13 by Bases-Xs JoyKaiba Edit 13 :iconbases-xs:Bases-Xs 38 0 7 18 Videl fusion by mattwilson83 7 18 Videl fusion :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 56 15 Girl Base by TFAfangirl14 Girl Base :icontfafangirl14:TFAfangirl14 31 0 Male and Female Base by TFAfangirl14 Male and Female Base :icontfafangirl14:TFAfangirl14 54 2 NaruHina by Despairs22 NaruHina :icondespairs22:Despairs22 125 0 Borusara by psyclopathe Borusara :iconpsyclopathe:psyclopathe 126 38



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Randall Goodhue
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
If you guys want to support me for what I do, like donating points or money, feel free to do so. It would help me a lot.…

Besides NejiHyuga900, I also go by TDPNeji (TDP is an abbreviation of a group name that I made but haven't really done anything with it yet).

I love playing video games. Dragons are my favorite (mythical) animal. Lightning is my favorite elemental power. Electromancy/Electrokinesis is my favorite superpower.

Naruto is my favorite anime/manga, followed by Bleach and Dragon Ball series. My favorite Naruto Character is Neji Hyūga. My favorite Naruto fan couple is NaruHina (Naruto Uzumaki x Hinata Hyūga).

After re-watching and re-reading Zatch Bell!/Konjiko no Gash (Bell)!!, I became a Zatch Bell! fanboy too. And I am drawing Zatch Bell characters as well as my own characters that appears in my imagination.

I use to draw random things on Nintendo's Miiverse on my Wii U but now, I am drawing Zatch Bell! pictures. Why? I felt like it. Now that I did, I feel like I'm a Zatch Bell! fanboy all over again and I use to fanboy over Naruto for 9 years (2005 to 2014) then I stopped all of a sudden when I got back into Zatch Bell!

List of my fan fictions
  • Naruto: Ryūden (Dragon Chronicles) [Naruto] - Unwritten; discontinued (created before Naruto ended and because of that, the Naruto plot destroyed Ryūden's story. But I have made a guild on Gaia Online but I pretty much closed it.)
  • Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army [Zatch Bell!] - Written; completed (this was my first written Zatch Bell! fan fiction. I first wrote it on DeviantART in 2014 and later put it on FanFiction in 2015)
  • Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army (remake) [Zatch Bell!] - Written; temporarily completed (this was my first written Zatch Bell! fan fiction. I first wrote it on DeviantART in 2014 and later put it on FanFiction in 2015) - Enhanced version of this fan fiction on DeviantART: fav[DOT]me/d7rfadd
    • Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army II: The Fallen King [Zatch Bell!] - Planning-in-progress - An expansion of my Demon Revolution Army (remake), taking place in the past after the events of Remake: Chapter 16b (but not the alternate version). This subseries will still be under GG!!: Demon Revolution Army (remake), starting on Chapter 23.

List of my original works
  • The Weapon Gallery (fictional story; former cartoon series) - Unwritten. Thought about it as of January 2012 (I think... or 2013?). I originally was going to do this as a cartoon animated series (I did have a few seconds of the first scene animated) but I then scratched the project (and I even made some seasonal theme songs). Stopped caring about this in 2013 and 2014. But as of May 12, 2015, instead of doing a cartoon animated series of it, I'm thinking if I should write it as a fictional story. Then when I get into animation, maybe I should make a cartoon adaptation of it.
  • Neo-Warriors (fictional story; title not final) - Unwritten. Thought about it as of 2014; still in my head (I'm thinking if I should write it out and because it would set in the real world with sci-fi and fantasy elements, I would have to come up with complicated explanations). Previously entitled as "Warriors of Justice" and "Neo-Warriors of Justice." But there are other things I'm thinking for this series so "Neo-Warriors" may not be the final name, but just the codename of the project, at least.

Current Residence: Palm Coast, Florida
Favorite genre of music: Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, J-Rock/J-Pop, Anime, Video Games
Favorite photographer: Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-Man), lol
Favorite style of art: Manga - Shōnen
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch (5th generation)
Wallpaper of choice: Sonic Generations backgrounds, Zekrom backgrounds, The Legend of Zelda backgrounds
Favorite cartoon character: Neji Hyūga
Personal Quote: "I am the Thunder Dragon. Here me roar thunder and breathe lightning!"


HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! :la: Sorry I haven't done an actual Halloween special drawing. I would have done a Halloween special involving my Acolyte of the Nether OCs from my Zatch Bell! fanfic remake's expansion (since they are a spooky cult) if I had the time.
The Info/Card template on the Zatch Bell! Wiki for Zatch Bell! The Card Battle cards is looking a lot better now. Example:…
I made a card page for each type of card.

I think I will create a page for one more starter set and maybe for the Series 1 booster set, then I'm shoving the cards project to the bottom of my Wiki priority list since episodes and chapters still need to be done to this day.
So... I recently decided to add information on Zatch Bell! The Card Battle for the Zatch Bell! Wiki (just to let you know, I never played the card and don't have cards but I'm learning) and I found some good sites to help me (a little bit). For now, in addition to adding the rule of the card game (thank the fans for uploading the rulebook and list of cards in good quality! As well as a Japanese Wiki for the card game!!!), I made a few card pages on the ZB! Wiki including M-001 Zatch Bell {Kind King} and S-001 Zaker {Thunder} (and even though I've been using Japanese names of spells for just anime/manga spells, I'll be using the English names of spells for the cards) and I made the infobox template to look similar to the CardTable2 template on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki while retaining the infobox-style we have going on the Zatch Bell! Wiki (but I still feel like it should be tweeked). Looking good so far, but that's pretty much as far as I'm going to do for now (I might at least make a PARTNER card page and an EVENT card page).

Making a page for EVERY card on the Zatch Bell! Wiki might be my lowest priority for the Wiki since the Episode pages are still incomplete to this day and I also barely scratched the surface for manga pages (which will be after episode pages are complete, if ever).

Ehh, I'm STILL not done rewriting the episode guide page (ACTUALLY, I've been doing that in a test page). If anyone can help me what manga chapters correspond to each anime episode (or vice-versa), that would be very helpful. Making that chapters/filler column is what's taking me forever to finish my test page.

Also, two more days until Halloween. I don't know if I'll do any Halloween drawing specials this year. I haven't felt like doing one yet, other than drawing a vampire mamodo/demon. (There are still a few OC's I still have yet to draw yet I haven't felt like drawing them.)
OUT POWER IS BACK! :D Hurricane happened on Sunday but we barely got hit by it on the east coast of Florida (it went along the west and middle-sized of Florida) but there was still a little bit of damage here (a few of our wooden fence boards and a wooden gate fell over). Yesterday (which was the aftermath of the hurricane) was cloudy and was the aftermath of the hurricane. Today, it is beautiful outside (but it rained for a short time once) and my neighborhood finally got power about an hour ago.
It's Sunday morning. So far, no strong winds but it's occasionally raining. I was actually expecting strong winds in the morning. Hmm...
Golden Gash!!: DRA2 - The Fallen King (cover art) by TDPNeji
I'm pretty much confirming my new Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash (Bell)!! fanfiction subseries, Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army II - The Fallen King, also known as "Konjiki no Gash!!: Mamono no Kakumei-gun II ~Taoreta Ō~ (金色のガッシュ! !:魔物の革命軍II 〜倒れた王〜)" and "Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Revolution Army II - The Fallen King" but the DeviantART titles will be "GG!!: Demon Revolution Army (remake) [Ch.##-TFK#]" where Ch.## is the overall chapter number for my main fan fiction remake while TFK# is The Fallen King chapter number, so this fan fiction will still fall under my Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army (remake) fan fiction series on FanFiction.NET. Now that I've written summaries for every possible chapter I'll write and it seems like that there will be 14 or 15 Chapters in this story arc (probably 15), I'm creating this new Update Journal for my fan fiction. I don't want to spoil anything (I'm bad at that) but I'll say that "The Fallen King" will take place after Remake: Chapter 16b (not the alternate version, though, as certain alternate events would prevent this story arc from existing in that alternate universe) in the past timeline (Timeline B), so it's pretty much coinciding with Chapters 17-22 but in a different timeline and era.

Archived Update Journals
[1–50] [51–100] [101–150]

List of fan fiction updates in this journal
  • UPDATE #101 (December 27, 2016, 12:58 a.m. EST): Chapter 23 (or The Fallen King Chapter 1) is completed. This may be the only time I link to a completed Fallen King chapter in this new story arc (I could change my mind at any time since I do that a lot). It will be a very long time until I decide to publish it on DeviantART and FanFiction.NET and I won't be publishing it until I'm either ready to publish it after writing enough chapters to be comfortable to publish or until I write all chapters, which is why I'm revealing the link to this chapter if you want to read the prologue to this new story arc (also because I made you guys wait too long). Enjoy how little Zatch/Gash Bell lives his life after the events of Remake: Chapter 16b. If you want to read future chapters, see future artwork, or see my entire plot or character profiles of The Fallen King, look through a link in my other Update Journals to find a link to my Zatch Bell! folder (I'm not posting the link here since I don't want everyone to spoil people but only those who are very curious enough to hunt them down).
  • UPDATE #102 (January 18, 2017, 12:15 p.m. EST): I finished Chapter 24 (TFK Chapter 2) yesterday. I could have finished it much sooner but I've been so busy making YouTube videos ever since New Years Day and I was drawing characters while making this chapter (I drew four new characters and I still have to draw three more that I introduced in Chapter 24). I was going to link my chapter, then I realized I posted I will not link any more chapters in Update #101. Welp, I did want to make my Fallen King story arc free from spoilers but if you can find a link within my other update journals, you could see everything I wrote and drawn so far so go hunt that down if you are curious on what I wrote this chapter.
  • UPDATE #103 (February 16, 2017, 11:18 p.m. EST): Oops, I forgot to mention on February 8, 2016 that I completed Chapter 25 (TFK Chapter 3). I just finished four new character drawings as of today and I'll proceed with Chapter 26 (TFK Chapter 4) tomorrow. I pretty much finished drawing all of my new antagonists (most of them until I write more chapters; SLIGHT SPOILER). This is going pretty well. Well, starting on TFK Chapter 4 and onward, I can imagine things getting A LOT MORE COMPLICATED for me but it's a good thing I planned out on things I wanted to write each chapter but I wonder how lengthy they would be (like I feel like some of them will end up being short chapters). EDIT (February 18, 2017, 2:05 p.m. EST): Never mind. I forgot that I pretty much already wrote a full chapter of TFK Chapter 4 (I just need to extend it with extra words and stuff... better writing...) I also wrote a long summary for TFK Chapter 5, 6, and 7 but I only made short summaries for TFK Chapter 8 and onward so those ones will be really complicated/complex to write and I would have to expand with new ideas for those upcoming chapters.
  • UPDATE #104 (February 20, 2017, 12:46 p.m. EST): I finished Chapter 26 (TFK Chapter 4) yesterday along with a new character drawing. Pretty quick chapter since I already wrote a full summary (I just had to make it more literate). In the previous update when I said TFK Chapter 4 and onward will be a lot more difficult. Actually, starting from TFK Chapter 7 (or 8) and onward may be more difficult since I already wrote full summaries for TFK Chapters 3-6 (I just need to detail them further). Although, I have stated that TFK Chapter 4 and onward will be difficult (when it should be TFK Chapter 5 and onward) since I'm going into new territory with these upcoming chapters, trying to figure out how things will go in case if I want to change things that I have written in my summaries when I come to a conflict that may affect my previous chapters. Maybe I'm just overexaggerating. But once I write TFK Chapter 5, oh boy, I'm going to have SO MANY CHARACTERS TO DRAW since I'm going to introduce a whole lot of new characters in TFK Chapter 5, it will be a while until I start TFK Chapter 6 once I get through TFK Chapter 5. However, before I do get to TFK Chapter 6, after I do TFK Chapter 5 and character drawings, I might start releasing chapters (I might release up to 3 or 4 chapters just in case if I want to go back and make changes before releasing those).
  • UPDATE #105 (February 28, 2017, 11:58 p.m. EST): The first 1/3rd of my Fallen King story arc is finally done :la: :la: :la: Chapter 27 (TFK Chapter 5) is finally done. I got about five new characters to draw that are in this chapter (I'm glad I introduced some characters that I originally would have introduced in this chapter... to a previous chapter so that I don't have to draw 8+ characters). After once I draw those new characters and start Chapter 28 (TFK Chapter 6, with at least the summary description and recap), I'll re-read everything I wrote from TFK Chapter 1-5 when I don't feel like writing TFK Chapter 6, then I'll submit Chapters 1-3 in three day intervals of each other. Reason why I'm holding off on Chapters 4 & 5 from submission (or just at least Chapter 5 as I may possibly still release Chapter 4) is because I'm trying to stay cautious/careful with my story and I don't want to end up making a paradox I don't want in case if I try to get around something. While I have written summaries for each chapter, I don't know what I should do to each chapter (except for the ones I've already made a full written chapter, basically, but even I made changes to what I originally wrote for TFK Chapter 5). Have patience. I'll try to draw all the new characters from the new chapter I've written. It may take me a week to do (more or less). Then I'll re-read what I have written in my completed chapters and start submitting them while I work on TFK Chapter 6.
  • UPDATE #106 (March 5, 2017, 9:54 p.m. EST): I'm done drawing all six new characters that will be in Remake: Chapter 27 (TFK Chapter 5) of my Zatch Bell! fan fiction remake expansion and I posted one of them on DeviantART (SPOILERS! But it was an unseen character mentioned in my older chapters). I'll be re-reading my chapters for proofreading and possibly story improvements, then I'll be submitting them in a three-day interval but I may hold off on TFK Chapter 4 or 5 until I at least finish write TFK Chapter 6 and maybe 7. I want to be sure I have my story correct since I don't want to make major updates after submissions. EDIT (March 6, 2017, 2:06 a.m. EST): Actually, before I start re-reading my chapters, I'm going to create a new story icon/wallpaper... cover art for my new story arc, replacing my other one for this story arc since the old characters in my old cover art will not be in this story arc (except for a few).
  • UPDATE #107 (March 8, 2017, 10:24 p.m. EST): Chapter 23 (TFK Chapter 1) IS FINALLY RELEASED!!! It's here, it's finally here! Also released a character drawing and the cover art for my new fanfic story arc (hopefully I don't need to update my cover art if something were to go wrong). Next chapter will be released in 3 more days. In the meantime, I really need to work on Chapter 28 (TFK Chapter 6) and newer chapters quicker. I also wonder if I should make a new Wiki subpage within my Zatch Bell! Wiki profile page or create a whole new Wikia site altogether but now's not the time to decide; I'll have to hold off on character profiles until I'm completed.
  • UPDATE #108 (March 11, 2017, 12:37 p.m. EST): Chapter 24 (TFK Chapter 2) is released along with five six character designs for that chapter. I finished writing and extending Chapter 28 (TFK Chapter 6) and just made a literature journal for Chapter 29 (TFK Chapter 7).
  • UPDATE #109 (March 14, 2017, 12:00 a.m. EDT): Chapter 25 (TFK Chapter 3) is released. While I did introduce new characters in this chapter, I'm going to keep them anonymous (but I do have links for the characters within the chapter) since I didn't properly introduce them. I may submit my new characters another time (maybe later, but I want people to read the chapter first without spoiling who they are). Also, this might be the last chapter I upload until I advance further into writing my fan fiction because TFK Chapter 4 will be having lots of information to what I will be doing in my fan fiction and if something goes wrong as I write in my fan fiction, it will create paradoxes/plot holes with TFK Chapter 4 being the bare minimum of affection. I'll publish TFK Chapter 4 once I'm comfortable enough to publish it but I may make TFK Chapter 5 on hold from releasing until I'm done writing this fanfic expansion. EDIT (10:39 p.m. EDT of the same day): I'm pretty much done writing Chapter 29 (TFK Chapter 7) of my Zatch Bell! fanfic remake's expansion. I had fun writing this chapter. Lots of action and backstory (spoilers) for this particular chapter. I've got 3 4 new characters to draw (I already drew one of them during the chapter and EDIT: I forgot to draw someone in Ch. 6). And what I meant by "pretty much," I wrote a lot of stuff and I wonder if I should save some of the text I wrote in this chapter for the next chapter or keep it merged in this chapter, for climax or cliffhanger purposes. Also, since I don't plan on publishing TFK Chapter 4 anytime soon, for cautiousness with my story, I'll link you guys to what I have written in that chapter so far and I already proofread grammar in it.
  • UPDATE #110 (March 19, 2017, 1:19 a.m. EDT): HOLY CRUD! I already finished writing Chapter 30 (TFK Chapter 8) of my Zatch Bell! fanfic remake's expansion in a single day. I spent my entire day writing this chapter and I had lots of fun. Well, when I said I finished, I think I'm finished for now unless if I plan on extending it, but that depends on the length of Chapter 31 (TFK Chapter 9). Once I get this sub-arc finished (Chapters 6-10), I might be safe enough to submit Chapter 26 (TFK Chapter 4) and Chapter 27 (TFK Chapter 5) without any problems/paradoxes (I'll link those chapters as earlier readers as of this point but don't expect the text to be the same when I submit them as I may or may not still make changes to them).
  • UPDATE #111 (March 22, 2017, 11:43 p.m. EDT): I think I'm done writing Chapter 31 (TFK Chapter 9) of my Zatch Bell! fanfic remake's expansion. Not sure if I should extend it any long (it's actually at a good length for once) or save what I have planned on writing for the next chapter since I don't want to create a second part to TFK Chapter 9 (and I feel like TFK Chapter 10 will be a really long chapter, for once). I wonder if I should start submitting TFK Chapters 4 & 5 at this point or wait until after TFK Chapter 10 but I'll have to re-read them to make sure I am 100% accurate to what I have written so far. This story arc has been really fun; complicated but fun.
  • UPDATE #112 (March 29, 2017, 11:54 a.m. EDT): Okay, I think I'm done writing Chapter 32 (TFK Chapter 10) of my Zatch Bell! fanfic remake's expansion (took me 5 days but this was a hard chapter to write), which means, it's time to do some character drawings for this new chapter, as well as re-reading TFK Chapter 4 & 5 (I think I already did those, at least for Chapter 4, but I'll re-read them again) to proofread grammar (even further), then I'll submit those chapters. I think I am comfortable enough to release TFK Chapters 4 & 5 without making post-publish major fixes/changes after I re-read them and fix them beforehand.
  • UPDATE #113 (March 30, 2017, 7:45 p.m. EDT): I re-read TFK Chapter 4 & 5 and made fixes to them. It's a good thing I did that before submitting TFK Chapter 4, which is out now! I also released five character drawings (one of them is new to this chapter while the other four were mysterious characters from the previous chapter, which is why I held off from submitting those drawings until now).
  • UPDATE #114 (April 15, 2017, 9:30 p.m. EDT): I'm finally done writing Chapter 32 (TFK Chapter 11) of my Zatch Bell! fanfic remake's expansion and I drew one new character so far (and I think I got one or two more characters to draw). Phew! I wrote a lot of different things in this chapter and I managed to get a lot of things written that has been in my imagination for ages and I had fun writing them but even so, this was a very complicated chapter to write since there are so many different events happening in this chapter at once but I managed to finish two of them. While I did say I won't post spoilers (which, I am not posting any major spoilers), I have tied many things from my Revolution from the Dead story arc into this chapter, which answers some of the things from that story arc that were left to be questioned until now. And this final sub-arc (TFK Chapters 11-15) will be answering those. EDIT (10:19 p.m. EDT): Oops. The chapter is much bigger than I imagined, it actually exceeded beyond the 64 kilobyte limit on DeviantART. At first, I decided to chop down some unnecessary words to try to fit within the 64 kb limit but it wasn't enough so... looks like I have no choice but to separate this chapter into two parts and the DeviantART title (once I submit it) will be entitled "GG!!: Demon Revolution Army (rmk) [Ch.33a-TFK11a]" for the first half and "GG!!: Demon Revolution Army (rmk) [Ch.33b-TFK11b]" for the second half... I hate character limits. :P
  • UPDATE #115 (May 4, 2017, 1:44 a.m. EDT): IT'S ABOUT TIME! Chapter 34 (TFK Chapter 12) of my Zatch Bell! fan fiction remake's expansion is finally finished. This was a REALLY HARD AND COMPLICATED chapter to right that I took lots of breaks trying to figure out what to do as I was constantly getting stuck on what I should right next since there are so many different things that were happening in these last few chapters. Took me 2 weeks to write this chapter. Anyway, next chapter that I will write [SOMEWHAT SPOILERY] will be a full backstory/flashback chapter. Time to do some character drawings from this chapter first. :P 3 more chapters! (maybe)
  • UPDATE #116 (May 25, 2017, 11:34 a.m. EDT): I think I'm done with Chapter 35 (TFK Chapter 13) of my Zatch Bell! fanfic remake's expansion. Going well so far. I still got to finish with my character drawings for TFK Chapter 12 and for this chapter.
  • UPDATE #117 (June 28, 2017, 11:44 a.m. EDT): I think I finished Chapter 36 (TFK Chapter 14) of my Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army II - The Fallen Kingfan fiction. This felt like it was dragging forever with no end and I had many breaks but had done some things in some days but I think I found a good spot (a cliffhanger) to end the chapter. That means I can do TFK Chapter 15 and end the fanfic with that final chapter but before I do the final chapter, I'll read what I wrote for Chapters 6-10 (to make fixes/changes before submission), then I'll post them. Might take me a few days to read those chapters but I am glad to say: It is probably safe enough for me to publish my next 5 chapters after all this time. I may be in a good spot without having to make plot paradoxes when writing my final chapter. Thank you all for being patient this far and I apologize if I took too long to write TFK Chapter 14.
  • UPDATE #117 (July 5, 2017, 12:13 a.m. EDT): So far, I only read through the things I've written in Chapter 28 (TFK Chapter 6) and Chapter 29 (TFK Chapter 7) and I am lagging behind since I was busy trying to figure out something else for many hours but it's finally here. Chapter 28 (TFK Chapter 6) of my Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army II - The Fallen King IS.... FINALLY... RELEASED!!!! Expect TFK Chapter 7 in three more days as I'm releasing these in 3-day intervals (and I hope I can read TFK Chapters 8-10 before then as I don't want to be late with those).
  • UPDATE #118 (July 8, 2017, 1:32 a.m. EDT): Chapter 29 (TFK Chapter 7) of my Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army II - The Fallen King fanfic is released. From here on out, this series is going to get REALLY DARK (and it was already dark enough, to begin with).
  • UPDATE #119 (July 11, 2017, 5:24 p.m. EDT): Sorry I'm hours late (I forgot) but here is Chapter 30 (TFK Chapter 8) of my Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army II - The Fallen King fanfic expansion. I only did one drawing for a few of my new characters in this chapter for now because, to be honest, I didn't feel like drawing another Royal Knight at the time (and I was originally going to keep him anonymous but... I eventually gave that twelfth Royal Knight a name a few days ago). I might draw him another time. Maybe... EDIT (5:39 p.m. EDT): Oops, that twelfth Royal Knight will actually be shown in a flashback in the next chapter and was just mentioned in this chapter. Just some non-caring spoilers.
  • UPDATE #120 (July 14, 2017, 12:40 p.m. EDT): Chapter 31 (TFK Chapter 9) is up. 1 more chapter left until the end of this sub-arc (and then there are only 5 more chapters left). I wrote a little bit for TFK Chapter 15 tonight but I'm still trying to figure out how I should really start the chapter off and how I want to end it since I'm trying to make it my final chapter, trying to wrap things up. Anyway, for TFK Chapter 9, I did introduce a new Royal Knight in this chapter (one that I don't really care about as it's only in a flashback) but I still have yet to draw him (I still don't know if I want to).
  • UPDATE #121 (July 17, 2017, 12:29 p.m. EDT): Chapter 32 (TFK Chapter 10) of my Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army II - The Fallen King fanfic expansion is up. Last chapter of this sub-arc. 5 more chapters to go. I'm still working on TFK Chapter 15 but this will be a toughy. I made some progress yesterday. Anyway, my 3-day interval upload session is over until I finish this final chapter.
  • UPDATE #121 (August 6, 2017, 1:21 a.m. EDT): YEEEEEEESSSS!!! I'm finally done writing the FINAL CHAPTER OF MY ZATCH BELL! FANFIC EXPANSION!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    I spent the entire day finishing this chapter and it's been SO MUCH FUN. A lot of dark stuff but to end up with some comedy. Spoilers. ;) Anyway, I gotta re-read all that I have read but if you guys want to see the rest of my fan fiction NOW, as well as my unpublished character drawings until I start re-reading them for grammar issues and stuff prior to uploading them every 3 days, I'll put it........................................... HERE! GET THE DRAFTS HERE!!!!!
  • UPDATE #122 (August 10, 2017, 12:14 a.m. EDT): CHAPTER 33 (TFK Chapter 11 - Parts A and B) is finally released in TWO PARTS! Next chapter will be in three more days (once I finish reading it). I'm gonna say one thing, this story arc is gonna have plot twists!
    Though, there are still some characters to draw (especially within the last few chapters including this one but I don't feel like drawing them at the moment). Also, I forgot to update this journal when I posted my other chapters. Oh, well.
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